James Chevalier

I'm a technology & music enthusiast who is taking a learning-by-doing approach to web development.



Track your runs, city by city.
CityStrides is a website for runners that provides street tracking, shoe tracking, weather tracking, step counting, and route sharing for cities around the world.
Can you run every street in your city?


An SMS-based service that automatically updates you when one of your watched mountains is going to get snow. The weather is updated & SMS is sent daily, but if there is no change in projected weather another SMS will not be sent. Never miss another perfect day on the mountain again!


Launch-Soon is a Heroku-ready Rails site that provides a viral launching soon page to collect users before your actual launch date. The site provides a unique URL to each user that signs up, which keeps track of how many people they refer. The referral count and code, along with the person's email address are all stored in your MailChimp list. Launch-Soon uses Foundation to provide you a fully responsive website with no extra effort.

Little Corner

Little Corner is a website that is used to pull your entire web presence into one place. It's an open source project that runs on Ruby on Rails without a database, and is Heroku-ready. Little Corner can be compared to About.me or Flavors.me.


A simple and secure Heroku-ready Sinatra-based app to collect donations via Stripe. Use the links on the left to get the code or see it in action here.


A Twitter service that will automatically add anyone who follows you to a list. The list is automatically updated daily, so that it always reflects the people that are listening to you right now. Engage with the people following your tweets without crowding up your timeline.


Hashtagged accepts a Twitter user name, and gives back a word cloud of that user's recent hashtags. You can use it at http://hashtagged.herokuapp.com, or you can set it up yourself with the instructions on GitHub.


This is where I host all of my music, which is typically a downbeat cut & paste collage of sound made in Ableton Live. I put together mixes, produce my own tracks, and create tracks on-spec for other people's mixes, dance classes, or yoga classes, etc. The site runs on Jekyll, and its source code is available on GitHub.


This is a collection of .poly files for cities, with the definition of 'city' being the area one level under the region/state level. There isn't a whole lot of concern here for discrepancies between cities, towns, villages, etc.
These .poly files are used to then extract just the city's OSM file from a greater region's OSM file. For example, creating an exact OSM file for Boston from the North America OSM file.


This is a small project that just randomly displays pixels on the page. You can see the code here.