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I’m sick of how so many games force a TOS agreement. Sometimes wild stuff is hidden in there. Check out the “Hyper… https://t.co/XfoKEch6L0

12:44:05 pm on July 18, 2019

@AutoKite @jonikorpi Really want to try it out but it’s *another* game behind TOS/Privacy agreement The “Hyperlink… https://t.co/r6Z1qezP9Q

12:34:35 pm on July 18, 2019

@tmcw Woah. That 3D view gives me distracting ideas for the CityStrides re-run feature HashtagFinishTheStuffI’mAlreadyWorkingOnJeez

1:09:46 am on June 22, 2019

RT @dN0t: This website, triple distilled to its purest form: https://t.co/5Qz6NVhAd6

2:25:00 am on June 21, 2019

@jeffehobbs Fun stuff! The closest I’ve gotten to this kind of thing is using an Amazon IoT button to display rand… https://t.co/Oa6S0bvU3t

2:02:40 am on June 13, 2019

@jeffehobbs lol Sending an alert when the vibrations stop?

11:05:19 pm on June 12, 2019

RT @IMAC2: Wow! I had no idea you could use the property "document.designMode" to make your whole document editable! ✍️ Great to test diff…

2:50:49 pm on June 12, 2019

@qrush I still like Ansible

11:35:02 am on June 7, 2019

@vtcraghead Bird Squad

4:11:43 pm on June 5, 2019

@adamwathan @r00k @tailwindcss That’s font-normal right?

2:12:00 pm on June 5, 2019

@adamwathan @steveschoger @tailwindcss I’m working on redoing the UI (from SemanticUI) for @CityStrides It helps… https://t.co/bqu3vrj0iz

12:25:18 am on May 29, 2019

Fantastic brew day, re-brewing our blonde ale https://t.co/qhCYEDnwAx

9:28:14 pm on May 27, 2019

@Arbel2025 We were kind of (almost in a way) discussing that here: https://t.co/7ymKhPrHms Personally, I’d like to… https://t.co/TynvAdXWNi

2:10:37 pm on May 26, 2019

@Arbel2025 Thanks! Let me know if you notice any problems or have suggestions.

12:09:59 am on May 26, 2019

@jeffehobbs Ugh! My homepage is *trash* 🤦‍♂️ centering the text is less bad, thanks! I'm not quite sure what you m… https://t.co/xVO54RcpGM

3:30:31 pm on May 25, 2019

Just released an update to @CityStrides that changes the UI to use @tailwindcss I don’t love what I’ve come up with… https://t.co/qVyiPKeEdH

2:37:26 pm on May 25, 2019

@bendhalpern Is this view in your github repo? I went hunting for it & couldn’t immediately find it *but* I did co… https://t.co/INyYEsSEah

1:01:22 pm on May 24, 2019

@ATM_1980 Wait seriously?? There are seals in Holyoke???

2:01:01 am on May 23, 2019

RT @riggaroo: Petition to remove the usages of "Foo" and "Bar" for explaining any kind of programming problem 🙅‍♀️ Concepts and problems ar…

9:06:18 pm on May 19, 2019

@simo_benhida @tailwindcss I just started using it, but I’m having a similar experience. It’s the first time I’ve f… https://t.co/0YSIx6D8tr

2:04:18 pm on May 18, 2019


Matt Laroche 📎

6:25:28 pm on June 22, 2019
Presented without comment https://t.co/AHGS0DFvue

Colin Kaepernick Was Exiled Exercising His Rights

12:15:35 am on June 18, 2019
Please find this guy and thank him for me, twitter. https://t.co/6lPb9LWnmR

Álvaro Trigo 🐦🔥

11:45:48 am on June 4, 2019
Wow! I had no idea you could use the property "document.designMode" to make your whole document editable! ✍️ Great… https://t.co/AYjSOkcNAO

Jeff Hobbs

2:44:48 pm on May 25, 2019
@JamesChevalier @CityStrides @tailwindcss Looking good! FWIW, I would: * add a container to the home, get the tex… https://t.co/U0RPXNa31w

𝖛𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖆 ✣ 𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖉 🌑

6:09:04 pm on May 21, 2019
Quality website design 👌😄 https://t.co/fZPLPDgMlz

Rebecca Franks 🇿🇦

11:58:12 am on May 18, 2019
Petition to remove the usages of "Foo" and "Bar" for explaining any kind of programming problem 🙅‍♀️ Concepts and p… https://t.co/iRTyW6sFOa

Andy Ellis

2:26:21 pm on April 19, 2019
I’m a big fan of @ringel’s 15 minute rule: when you get stuck, spend 15 minutes documenting what you know, what you… https://t.co/AKbKEN2R2a


7:47:51 pm on April 17, 2019
Sound design is my passion https://t.co/MPN2stpXSu


3:36:26 pm on March 23, 2019
Best film I've seen in ages https://t.co/ywUHsZHOlO

A. Harmony

2:43:30 pm on March 14, 2019
Fun fact: I immediately answered “the Funk” before realizing this is a Brexit thread. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/vupxhemBHO

your friend myk

4:24:08 am on March 1, 2019
lol what a great definition of 'eventual consistency' https://t.co/dUy6xq0UrW


11:13:57 pm on February 26, 2019
it's him. it's the Installation Wizard https://t.co/p8BDMY5Fvj


7:06:47 am on February 15, 2019
If I do a job in 30 minutes it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes.


5:54:28 am on February 14, 2019
Me: It’s time to go to bed Kid: But I’m coloring. Me: Coloring will be there tomorrow. Kid: I meant to say I’m… https://t.co/oNy19Kh76Y

Mr. Drinks On Me

7:37:52 pm on February 13, 2019
This is the sort of thing you film because no one would believe you otherwise. https://t.co/uOtz3UpV8f

My Retweet “My Retweet Is Retweetin” Is Retweeting

1:25:52 pm on February 13, 2019
this is all i think about https://t.co/VMqQs8AsAS


5:09:59 am on February 13, 2019
If I was setting up curriculum at a university I'd make an entire semester-long class on The Challenger disaster, a… https://t.co/XciYGJFUkQ

⚡ 💓 ⚡ andrew turley ⚡ 💓 ⚡

12:15:33 pm on February 11, 2019
Most people are capable of building systems that are twice a complex as the systems they are capable of maintaining.


2:01:40 am on February 10, 2019
everyone should be this manager https://t.co/NR9XovMmde

Charismatic Megarupa ➡️ PCD

12:45:11 am on February 8, 2019
https://t.co/dcpeHlBuqd this article is fucking me up. The largest industry user of glitter: -doesnt want to be nam… https://t.co/lWDRvGfOoC

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