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Brew day! We have an American Amber going today, and it’s the first time we’ll be testing pH levels (not that we c… https://t.co/dJX4i721a4

2:52:37 pm on July 22, 2018

Seems like the Escape Character relates back to Escape Sequence, which relates back to the ESC key, which was named… https://t.co/yNmpxGZ0eh

2:25:30 am on July 20, 2018

Why was the word “escape” chosen? https://t.co/RhEpH1LxQ5 I’m wondering specifically about escaping text like “He… https://t.co/BjJN8VyfRv

1:35:27 am on July 20, 2018

@boonerang Have you seen Questlove’s playlist on Spotify? https://t.co/pzzCCXhm0c

12:51:46 pm on July 19, 2018

@andrewwatson @juliaferraioli True, ideally. However, this discards services I signed up for before 2FA was a thing… https://t.co/c9SY3iHFP0

1:28:49 am on July 19, 2018

@juliaferraioli @andrewwatson What do you go with when given the options of no 2FA, or 2FA via SMS?

12:56:09 am on July 19, 2018

@bria_sullivan @bphogan I’m job hunting & came across an entry level position that strongly suggested having a masters degree

12:51:03 am on July 19, 2018

RT @JosteinSN: @CityStrides making me famous in my neigbourhood before my move to Morocco (where I can't continue Citystriding, as there ar…

3:09:12 pm on July 18, 2018

Wonderful thread! https://t.co/VOJ2CyZzhW

10:25:20 pm on July 13, 2018

@izgerij omg I had no idea rubocop autocorrect was a thing!! https://t.co/BUnFoJFbzr

1:50:38 am on July 10, 2018

@izgerij That’s ... a lot 🤣😂

1:46:54 am on July 10, 2018

@izgerij https://t.co/mTuH7BBjQA exercises taught gofmt as The Way, so I just assumed it was how everyone worked 🤷‍♂️

1:32:57 am on July 10, 2018

@izgerij I’ve only written Go / used gofmt through some learning at https://t.co/LFAH0LnNJh so I don’t have Real Op… https://t.co/KeN5Q4YpBB

1:16:26 am on July 10, 2018

@izgerij Ooohhh cool cool I misunderstood the setup as something that automatically fixed the issues 😄

1:09:31 am on July 10, 2018

@izgerij rubocop has a “gofmt” like feature?

6:34:58 pm on July 9, 2018

RT @Seinfeld2000: OMG!!!! TWITER PLEASE HELP ME OUT https://t.co/FMxOQ9D9BS

3:01:05 am on July 6, 2018

Ok. I guess I’m in Chicago now.

2:55:26 am on July 2, 2018

omg I want these @birdride scooters at home

6:19:35 pm on June 29, 2018

Tried @soulcycle for the first time this morning. According to my Apple Watch, I died for a little bit there... https://t.co/TSBFOALZ9o

4:14:03 pm on June 29, 2018

Yeeouch!! This post-upgrade Rails 5.2 graph is rough! https://t.co/VYKXZPU6bh

2:31:50 pm on June 24, 2018


Sarah Drasner

12:40:31 am on July 20, 2018
All of the technologies you hold dear right now will one day probably be embarrassing to you. Why not just make coo… https://t.co/R8feUwfYLC

mike susz

7:18:13 pm on July 19, 2018
code editors need emotes

julia ferraioli

3:21:42 am on July 19, 2018
@andrewwatson @JamesChevalier This is an excellent question with a complex answer. Most will say 2FA over SMS is pr… https://t.co/LRNkuhW60j

Andy 💻

2:10:50 am on July 19, 2018
@JamesChevalier @juliaferraioli Then do the sms but establish some account security with your mobile provider so ne… https://t.co/ErScGRP0nK


10:26:42 pm on July 18, 2018

Roxi Horror 💀🌸

2:41:11 am on July 13, 2018
Raccoons always look like they are in the middle of telling a story about how big something was. https://t.co/XSQfOkN2t2

Kristen Arnett

12:19:24 pm on July 10, 2018
lady in the dunkin donuts asked if they had "anything light, like a small side salad" and the person at the registe… https://t.co/TMdftSSGUM

Mike Coutermarsh

2:41:27 pm on July 8, 2018
If you're rate limiting something X times per some_time_period. Redis is perfect. INCR (increment) is atomic. EXP… https://t.co/pTdvFaMcJ9

Nun Ya

2:14:17 am on July 8, 2018
Siri: show me fragile masculinity https://t.co/XVtCDKSW5D

Jackie Luo

9:17:12 pm on July 4, 2018
itty bitty, this tool by @alcor to create sites rendered entirely with html data stored in their urls, is the wilde… https://t.co/Q9IcNUTTMt

Amanda Beale

2:03:23 pm on July 1, 2018
This is the cutest shit ever. https://t.co/ZgdmQgKW1p

Melissa Stetten

5:28:43 am on July 1, 2018
The University of Well Actually. https://t.co/nZ5NuXiVRn

Paul 🌹📚 Cooper

1:13:47 pm on June 15, 2018
Human feet as a geological force https://t.co/RMrs51aTFl

Keaton Patti

6:07:13 pm on June 13, 2018
I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then asked it to write an Olive Garden com… https://t.co/PwZWioZtbZ

Wahyu Ichwandardi

4:46:03 pm on June 9, 2018
Trying to capture Donald Glover’s motion in MacPaint. https://t.co/gL7JErrJpN

what the heq

6:41:38 am on June 9, 2018
I work with a guy from Mexico who doesn't speak a lot of English. A Canadian goose made a nest by one of the paddoc… https://t.co/6C16AhAJXY


6:44:53 pm on June 2, 2018
A horse named "Bofa Deez Nuts" wins at Oklahoma City Race Park, impossibly professional announcer is NOT fazed and… https://t.co/OKtfRyKefp

Farooq Butt

10:21:35 pm on June 1, 2018
Three years ago, I went from a hugeco to a tinyco startup. The lessons I have learned on the way are many. Here are… https://t.co/rvghg1gZpy

Keaton Patti

7:21:13 pm on May 30, 2018
I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of infomercials and then asked it to write an infomercial of its own. Here… https://t.co/TAghArI3uX

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