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Just had a GREAT brew day ... everything went exactly as planned. I’m really psyched to share this batch!

8:07:19 pm on January 19, 2019

RT @3dfordesigners: When normal people ask, "What do you do?" https://t.co/FodKw286R5

11:33:53 pm on January 16, 2019

RT @SadellaWallis: It’s a sin if I don’t bring this to the TL https://t.co/4wsMXDnzV9

5:11:50 pm on January 12, 2019

@izgerij @NERDSummit Ooh! Their date change removes the conflict with everything that happens in Holyoke over the 1… https://t.co/GZojPVRuLg

1:25:29 am on January 10, 2019

@nathankpeck @alexwwood @abbyfuller And this “just run more of them” piece is where the auto-scaling comes in? I a… https://t.co/fbuiRfmlwP

6:01:35 pm on January 9, 2019

@alexwwood I have seen that post about using Jets to shove a Rails app into Lamba, but I’m not quite so adventurous. 😄

5:59:30 pm on January 9, 2019

@alexwwood I suppose a t3.medium instance that generally sits 96% idle isn’t quite CPU bound 🤣😂 But there’s this un… https://t.co/6HqL1dZvms

5:49:13 pm on January 9, 2019

@alexwwood I don’t completely understand the auto-scaling. I should read up on that. I figured if I provisioned 0.5… https://t.co/srPuURE8yT

5:43:09 pm on January 9, 2019

@alexwwood One aspect of this that I don’t trust myself to figure out correctly is sizing it properly. Is it a “fin… https://t.co/Tdw3RBOcR7

5:33:32 pm on January 9, 2019

RT @alexwwood: Lots of discussions happening about what we're doing in the #Ruby space for #AWS in 2019. I want to know though, what is on…

6:33:00 pm on January 8, 2019

@parrots It’s so difficult... discoverability without annoyance Or I’m thinking about it wrong & it’s more about d… https://t.co/5I372ux6hj

4:53:00 pm on January 8, 2019

@boonerang @TheAthletic About a dozen tweets up 👆in my timeline: https://t.co/plTQ7gFPub

4:47:21 pm on January 8, 2019

@dependabot @teabass Wow, thanks!

4:23:40 pm on January 8, 2019

@teabass Nice! Any trade-offs or gotchas yet? I was concerned about the cover/include change in Range: https://t.co/2uDT8WVIbG

2:32:15 pm on January 8, 2019

Happy New Year!

5:00:17 am on January 1, 2019

RT @BrittJMartin: It me! Credit for sending this to me: @sprngr_ . Person who deals with my nonsense: @danigirl329 https://t.co/UJL0WqLp7N

2:20:47 pm on December 28, 2018

@boonerang And a Merry-enough Christmas to you, sir!

2:57:27 pm on December 25, 2018

RT @soulver: Soulver for iOS is free for Christmas! Tell your friends. What a nice treat 🎅.

2:17:29 pm on December 25, 2018

@boonerang Great photo btw!

2:51:10 am on December 23, 2018

@boonerang How is it?

7:07:03 pm on December 22, 2018


Sadella 🇳🇬 🇺🇸

3:33:36 am on January 11, 2019
It’s a sin if I don’t bring this to the TL https://t.co/4wsMXDnzV9

Alex Wood

5:38:19 pm on January 9, 2019
@JamesChevalier I don't think the problem is unique to Fargate either, right-sizing exists on any platform. Even on… https://t.co/blrmJN0MhL

zverok aka Зверёк

6:33:23 pm on January 8, 2019
@JamesChevalier @teabass (sorry for intervening, just vanity-searched here actually...) As an author of the origina… https://t.co/6BYT968hM3

Mike Coutermarsh

2:34:32 am on January 8, 2019
I work on a 10 year old Rails app for one of the highest traffic websites in the world. I’ve seen things.

Anne Thériault

4:14:44 am on January 6, 2019
Dog owner: oh, don’t worry, he’s friendly! He loves people! He’s just a big old softie angel baby and he would neve… https://t.co/s1G3gPcb5a

rahaf mohammed al-qanon

10:12:23 pm on January 5, 2019
your barber-surgeon would usually get paid twice off your operation because he’d sell off the blood you lost for making medicines


3:35:53 am on December 29, 2018
Thank you, @JamesChevalier , I had a little fun with GIMP and https://t.co/tHKmuegsgL , it is no coincidence that t… https://t.co/fRJvKoj7zY

Evan Edinger

6:35:23 pm on December 27, 2018
Just saw this on reddit and it blew my mind. Is Grover saying "yes, yes, that's a f**king excellent idea" or "yes,… https://t.co/zfiKOwlzNP

James Felton

8:26:35 am on December 24, 2018
Live footage of the UK leaving the EU https://t.co/TBqS2MGoqL

Chris Coyier

5:15:43 am on December 23, 2018
You know like when your parents ask you a technology question and you don’t know the answer but you figure out and… https://t.co/pMB43mqPFt

Reza Zadeh

1:31:11 am on December 23, 2018
This robot hand always beats you at rock-paper-scissors, as it recognizes target human hand play at 1ms with a high… https://t.co/6fGPnlO4WF


9:21:33 pm on December 15, 2018
the dewey decimal system really gets it https://t.co/9oRiwYGn2D

Keaton Patti

3:34:13 pm on December 12, 2018
I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Hallmark Christmas movies and then asked it to write a Hallmark Christm… https://t.co/Z7jNSkq4GA


2:46:56 pm on December 12, 2018


2:44:46 am on December 11, 2018
You're only allowed to call it a Monster Energy Drink if it comes from the Monster Energy region of France

Shawn Dumas

5:10:38 pm on December 10, 2018
pilfering memegen https://t.co/VZYOhY0wGp

Эль в Москве

8:15:58 am on December 10, 2018
@valarauca1 @strangeqargo https://t.co/TqANmivDjk


3:16:09 pm on December 8, 2018
*sobs* https://t.co/nn85FLtyaB


4:34:12 am on December 5, 2018
OK, want to see a neat special effect? This is a scene from The Howling Man, a 1960 episode of The Twilight Zone.… https://t.co/y8DFQOBDOd


3:57:17 am on December 5, 2018
One of my blinds broke in my bedroom so I just went to CVS https://t.co/0QghmXKZ7R

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