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OH: How many quarters can I get for a dollar?

1:24:21 am on September 15, 2018

@nateberkopec @mperham I run sidekiq for @CityStrides in a container on an EC2 spot request with User Script set to… https://t.co/EJjwHKDjCO

7:40:14 pm on September 11, 2018

RT @brunoborges: Go install `bat` right now. $ brew install bat It is like `cat`, but with wings. https://t.co/Sd0AsCeEv4 https://t.co/Y

7:26:34 pm on September 3, 2018

RT @b0rk: my Ruby profiler rbspy (https://t.co/zlmS43YOlB) is now in Homebrew, so it's even easier to install on Mac!! `brew install rbspy`…

4:13:29 am on September 2, 2018

Oh good. Political campaigns are sending text messages now. :-|

10:58:13 pm on September 1, 2018

RT @izgerij: Here's the thing about labeling talks "beginner", "intermediate", "advanced": what's the baseline? If i give an "Intro to K8s"…

7:42:27 pm on August 31, 2018

@maggieiguess @dunkindonuts What, do they keep getting your orders right?

6:42:38 pm on August 31, 2018

I could use some help understanding CircleCI’s suggested use of ‘bundle clean’, if you’re familiar: https://t.co/yPcbNnSyH4

1:17:00 pm on August 30, 2018

lol (in a kind of not funny way) my ec2 spot request has been humming along so well that I didn't realize it expired a month ago

1:28:05 am on August 30, 2018

@boonerang https://t.co/BzsUCDrzaU

7:14:59 pm on August 29, 2018

RT @rjs: @mattcalla Estimation requires knowing what you’re doing. That means you can estimate downhill but not uphill. You can, however, *…

12:54:20 pm on August 28, 2018

RT @olivierlacan: Spent the last 6 years upgrading a lot of Rails apps. I’d strongly recommend against deleting comments in framework confi…

7:02:43 pm on August 27, 2018

Managing to squeeze in a brew day to keep the streak! One batch of beer per month! This one is for the fall: Toast… https://t.co/lJJsm5B3fB

5:41:36 pm on August 26, 2018

RT @Pinboard: There's a device called a USB filter that turns every USB port into a charge-only port, and protects against sketchy charging…

3:25:58 pm on August 25, 2018

RT @markdalgleish: The quality of your codebase is a UX issue. If everything is inconsistent, if it takes longer to deliver than your compe…

2:27:28 pm on August 25, 2018

RT @bphogan: Product managers must understand that maintainability is a crucial part of product delivery because it’s what allows you to co…

2:26:55 pm on August 25, 2018

RT @2020fight: The President has colored his flag wrong. That is all. https://t.co/wWXBgR9I6V

2:24:01 pm on August 25, 2018

RT @joshuap: Lots of Ruby folks have been joining Mastodon lately, so much so that there is now a Ruby-focused instance: https://t.co/vKZ1

10:21:17 pm on August 22, 2018

Wow, the https://t.co/AX4rbdn2Zs Mastodon instance is legit

4:18:04 am on August 22, 2018

OH: Alcohol doesn’t go bad unless you have teenagers

5:11:17 pm on August 13, 2018


Abraham Williams

3:46:55 pm on September 15, 2018
One of my pet peeves is Ruby documentation that still uses `=>` syntax.

Jackie Luo

3:03:31 pm on September 14, 2018
how hard i think it’ll be to fix a bug vs. how hard it really is https://t.co/MsupLXVQpX

🔎Julia Evans🔍

3:12:11 am on September 2, 2018
my Ruby profiler rbspy (https://t.co/zlmS43YOlB) is now in Homebrew, so it's even easier to install on Mac!! `brew install rbspy` :D

Geri Jennings

7:28:47 pm on August 31, 2018
Here's the thing about labeling talks "beginner", "intermediate", "advanced": what's the baseline? If i give an "In… https://t.co/L4DpOtotvr

Klaus Ostermann

11:35:59 am on August 31, 2018
My 6yo daughter after 30min of learning programming with Swift Playgrounds: "I don't want to write the full program… https://t.co/IICZuMGpz8

Bruno Borges @ MS Ignite AND SpringOne

6:07:12 am on August 31, 2018
Go install `bat` right now. $ brew install bat It is like `cat`, but with wings. https://t.co/Sd0AsCeEv4 https://t.co/YkdFUdMlle


11:27:22 pm on August 21, 2018
my friend got a tiny tattoo of the grey cat from garfield on his stomach. I'm not gonna say that's weird, but it's a little ab nermal

Katie Chironis

3:38:22 am on August 17, 2018
me at every new job: gonna just be chill this time, really lay low for like a year and just soak it all in and say… https://t.co/pakSONNoDU

Sean Devine

7:52:33 pm on August 12, 2018
If your project has an `app/utilities` folder, and a new team member creates a new utility and saves it to a new `a… https://t.co/ObwJYBo9ei

Shannon Coulter

1:21:58 pm on August 12, 2018
Good morning! To encourage Twitter to drop Alex Jones, I just blocked the Twitter accounts of every Fortune 500 com… https://t.co/BDhzu6Dwnn

Walindsey Bieda

3:03:38 pm on August 2, 2018
def yeah_no return false end def no_yeah return true end def no_yeah_no return false end def yeah_no_yeah return true end

Molly McLeod❣

6:06:38 pm on August 1, 2018
Everything I make is a summation of everything I've learned and thought about up until now. Everything I make is a… https://t.co/HdNFz5kIxv

Adam Wagner

6:26:48 pm on July 29, 2018
Can’t... stop... watching https://t.co/p0cJBLaoer

Def Non-Binary Jam

10:12:26 pm on July 22, 2018
They’re called werewolves. https://t.co/xfstRwQdnL

Sarah Drasner

12:40:31 am on July 20, 2018
All of the technologies you hold dear right now will one day probably be embarrassing to you. Why not just make coo… https://t.co/R8feUwfYLC

mike susz

7:18:13 pm on July 19, 2018
code editors need emotes

julia ferraioli

3:21:42 am on July 19, 2018
@andrewwatson @JamesChevalier This is an excellent question with a complex answer. Most will say 2FA over SMS is pr… https://t.co/LRNkuhW60j

Andy 💻

2:10:50 am on July 19, 2018
@JamesChevalier @juliaferraioli Then do the sms but establish some account security with your mobile provider so ne… https://t.co/ErScGRP0nK


10:26:42 pm on July 18, 2018

Roxi Horror 💀🌸

2:41:11 am on July 13, 2018
Raccoons always look like they are in the middle of telling a story about how big something was. https://t.co/XSQfOkN2t2

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