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@rrhoover Omg if I could only figure out what my bandwidth is from in the AWS billing reports 😱😱

4:09:32 pm on March 15, 2019

RT @eileencodes: If you are using Rails, please update your applications as soon as possible. There is a critical and high vulnerability in…

6:40:57 pm on March 13, 2019

@SalomonSports @rickeygates So cool! There’s a whole community out there doing this: https://t.co/xlvLimrueH

9:56:11 pm on March 5, 2019

RT @CityStrides: 🤩🤩🤩 Join Peter for a glimpse into his journey around Brainbridge Island 🤩🤩🤩 https://t.co/zqvZfOuZuM

4:30:49 am on March 5, 2019

@mikeindustries @Spotify Totally! I add tracks to a “Listen Later” playlist, to dive into individual artists … but… https://t.co/3YWTmrxGXs

6:48:53 pm on March 4, 2019

@LoopholeBrewing I’m psyched! I’ve been home brewing monthly for just over a year - can’t wait to see how we can help each other.

4:46:52 pm on March 4, 2019

I’m very upset that https://t.co/mK3sjEYYCw is not available to purchase. I can’t tell people to go to double yew d… https://t.co/IHDqQnC3AX

6:45:12 pm on March 1, 2019

@marcinignac I’ve thought about that, but haven’t gotten around to it. If I ever implement something like that, I’d… https://t.co/32cPvaJeHu

1:17:03 pm on February 24, 2019

@tmcw @marcinignac Oh, yeah, and the data I’m working with can be quite far off as well. When you zoom out, it’s not that bad. 😉

7:49:34 pm on February 23, 2019

@tmcw @CityStrides That’s great to hear! ☺️ I have (route planning) Things in planning stages that I’d love your i… https://t.co/vrayJGdK70

4:01:38 am on February 22, 2019

@tmcw *gasp* I know those purple lines! 😁

3:53:23 am on February 22, 2019

@rickhood YO! I was just looking through the conf track... Introduction to React RICK HOOD A lot been going on si… https://t.co/JOXJ0W5ZM7

4:40:17 am on February 21, 2019

Big day! In addition to bottling London Fog, we’re also brewing Hop Test https://t.co/EwI9It2gBm

6:33:46 pm on February 17, 2019

We’re bottling London Fog today This is an exciting one: it’s a milk stout with vanilla bean added during fermenta… https://t.co/mtuXl7LSkL

3:46:29 pm on February 17, 2019

RT @Foone: If I was setting up curriculum at a university I'd make an entire semester-long class on The Challenger disaster, and make it re…

2:46:25 pm on February 14, 2019

@git_fork Ok, cool .. I’ll update the pull request to homebrew. Thanks!

4:10:04 pm on February 4, 2019

@git_fork The sha256 hash of your DMG file changed for version https://t.co/RYL9TQFOJS Was that an intentional change?

3:25:07 pm on February 4, 2019

@sschill1 I brew beer with a friend.. we’ve done a batch a month for the past year 🍻 This recipe is an elaborate m… https://t.co/R8gIzbhian

5:54:35 pm on February 3, 2019

London Fog begins its boil https://t.co/oKee9Upv0o

5:27:16 pm on February 3, 2019

@zynga WHY?? https://t.co/7pYJdesHyf

2:45:04 am on January 30, 2019


A. Harmony

2:43:30 pm on March 14, 2019
Fun fact: I immediately answered “the Funk” before realizing this is a Brexit thread. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/vupxhemBHO

your friend myk

4:24:08 am on March 1, 2019
lol what a great definition of 'eventual consistency' https://t.co/dUy6xq0UrW

ᅠ ㅤㅤ 🍄

11:13:57 pm on February 26, 2019
it's him. it's the Installation Wizard https://t.co/p8BDMY5Fvj


7:06:47 am on February 15, 2019
If I do a job in 30 minutes it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes.


5:54:28 am on February 14, 2019
Me: It’s time to go to bed Kid: But I’m coloring. Me: Coloring will be there tomorrow. Kid: I meant to say I’m… https://t.co/oNy19Kh76Y

Mr. Drinks On Me

7:37:52 pm on February 13, 2019
This is the sort of thing you film because no one would believe you otherwise. https://t.co/uOtz3UpV8f

make abortions free

1:25:52 pm on February 13, 2019
this is all i think about https://t.co/VMqQs8AsAS


5:09:59 am on February 13, 2019
If I was setting up curriculum at a university I'd make an entire semester-long class on The Challenger disaster, a… https://t.co/XciYGJFUkQ

⚡ 💓 ⚡ andrew turley ⚡ 💓 ⚡

12:15:33 pm on February 11, 2019
Most people are capable of building systems that are twice a complex as the systems they are capable of maintaining.

Rin Chupeco [The Shadowglass out 3/5/19]

2:01:40 am on February 10, 2019
everyone should be this manager https://t.co/NR9XovMmde

Charismatic Megarupa

12:45:11 am on February 8, 2019
https://t.co/dcpeHlBuqd this article is fucking me up. The largest industry user of glitter: -doesnt want to be nam… https://t.co/lWDRvGfOoC

P. A. Pourgourides

8:02:32 pm on February 7, 2019
Lawful duck-citizens..🦆🦆 https://t.co/uF2LMgrQWy

Michael Hainsworth

3:36:57 pm on February 2, 2019
I was Today years old when I discovered this #lifehack https://t.co/dDeitYqvac


4:48:13 am on February 1, 2019
My favorite childhood memory is my back not hurting

Peter Cooper

7:43:01 pm on January 23, 2019
If you're on macOS and have Homebrew installed, run `brew cask install quicklook-json` and Quick Look will let you… https://t.co/DLQ3c5v2oA

Princessa 🇳🇬|🇬🇧| 🇺🇸

3:33:36 am on January 11, 2019
It’s a sin if I don’t bring this to the TL https://t.co/4wsMXDnzV9

Alex Wood

5:38:19 pm on January 9, 2019
@JamesChevalier I don't think the problem is unique to Fargate either, right-sizing exists on any platform. Even on… https://t.co/blrmJN0MhL

zverok aka Зверёк

6:33:23 pm on January 8, 2019
@JamesChevalier @teabass (sorry for intervening, just vanity-searched here actually...) As an author of the origina… https://t.co/6BYT968hM3

Mike Coutermarsh

2:34:32 am on January 8, 2019
I work on a 10 year old Rails app for one of the highest traffic websites in the world. I’ve seen things.

Anne Thériault

4:14:44 am on January 6, 2019
Dog owner: oh, don’t worry, he’s friendly! He loves people! He’s just a big old softie angel baby and he would neve… https://t.co/s1G3gPcb5a

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